Ketubah Match Maker

Traditional Match Maker Services for Active Soul Journey Seekers!

Below is a brief overview list of Ketubah Match Maker Services Offered In Person and Online.

Personal Consultation

Personality Data

Match Maker one on one private information session. Fee: $200

Personal Data Biography

Quality Character

Build personality traits biography.
Fee: $350

Sustainability Social, Economic Profile

Sustainable Profile

Describe the product/service.
Fee:  $500

Blind Meet Up 


Upon approval, blind meet-ups (3-5) are scheduled.
Fee: $100 each

Meaningful Courtship

Meaningful Meet Ups

Destination meet ups with full possibility of betroval offer (3-5 recommended).
Fee:  $200 each

Family Meet Up

Marriage Development

Potential Marriage Partners include close family members and/or close associates in (betrothed/engaged) discussion (2-3 recommended).
Fee:  $300-$500 each

Ketubah Match Maker Promotional Excel Package!

The Excel Package is inclusive of all the above services plus:
Limited Time Offer!

1.  3 singular meetups
2. 2 meaningful meet-ups
3.  1 family meetups
Excel Package Fee: $2,000.00

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